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Nehalennia school is a state secondary comprehensive school for pupils from the age of 12 to 18(+).
It offers general education at different levels:

  • a 4 year course at low and intermediate level, vocational and technical (VMBO)
  • a 5 year course at GCSE-'O' level (HAVO)
  • a 6 year course at GCSE-'A' level (VWO) - pre-university education


The first three years all pupils follow the National Curriculum programme which consists of about sixteen subjects: core subjects - Dutch, English, French, German, Economics, History, Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry and foundation subjects - PSE (personal and social education), Physical Education, Music, CDT (Craft and Design Technology) , ICT (Information and Communication Technology, Art and Drawing. At VWO level the brighter students can also take Latin and Greek.

At the end of the third form pupils choose one of the number of set subject combinations for the second stage of HAVO/VWO. All pupils take the compulsory subjects: Dutch, English, French or/and German, Social Studies, General Science, Visual Arts-Music and Media Studies-1 and Physical Education.

There are four set combinations:

  • Culture and Society
    (Mathematics-applied, French or German, History, Economics (HAVO) and Visual Arts-Music and Media Studies-2, Visual Arts-Music and Media Studies-3)
  • Economics and Society
    (Economics, Mathematics-applied, Geography and History)
  • Science and Health Care
    (Pure Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • Science and Technology
    (Pure Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)


Within the optional component pupils can choose from subjects like Management and Organisation, Information Technology or subjects from other combinations

Around half of the optional component may be made up of non-examination subjects chosen by the school itself. Any course which is of social significance can be chosen.

The VMBO (pre-vocational secondary education) is composed of four sectors:

  • Practical/vocational training (NVQ)
  • Vocational training
  • Combined theoretical and vocational training
  • The theoretical sector


The first trains for level-2 in vocational education, the others to levels 3 and 4.

As the name clearly indicates the theoretical sector only offers a combination of theory subjects (formerly the MAVO). Pupils sit combinations in 6 theory subjects.
The combined sector offers a combination of theory subjects and a vocational subject in which pupils have an exam in the theoretical part
The vocational sector consists of four theoretical subjects and an extensive practical part. Pupils who are more practically inclined tend to choose this option.
The fourth sector is a practical training - level 2 - and trains pupils for direct entry to the labour market.

In the third year pupils choose one of the following sectors: Economics, Engineering and Technology, Care and Welfare and Agriculture. Nehalennia offers all but the last of these sectors (Agriculture).

Within the sectors pupils choose a stream. Nehalennia offers the following options:

  • Economics
  • Consumer Technology - Catering/Restaurant/Café
  • Consumer Technology - Baking: Bread and Cakes
  • Care and welfare - Beauty Therapy/Hairdressing
  • Care and welfare - Health/Nursing
  • Technology - Building
  • Technology - Electrical Engineering
  • Technology - Motor vehicle Maintenance


VMBO prepares for vocational and technical training at a lower and an intermediate level.
HAVO prepares for vocational training at a higher level and VWO prepares for university.

The school has two locations: the main building for VMBO is situated at the Kruisweg, the other building for HAVO and VWO is situated at the Breeweg.

During the first year there is the possibility for pupils to change level. From the second year the pupils are placed in either VMBO, HAVO or VWO.

Nehalennia school favours the implementation of educational innovations to make education more interesting. It has a system of counselling to help pupils with their studies, personal development and career planning.

Internationalisation and new information technology are two important features of the educational policies of Nehalennia school.

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